Abortion Procedures

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Please note: the Center for Pregnancy does not perform abortions, or refer to abortion providers. The following explanations are given for your information only.

All information is taken directly from the Texas Department of State Health – this section will tell you about the medical risks for abortion, pregnancy and childbirth. For more information you can go to http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/wrtk/default.shtm


Abortion is ending the pregnancy by using medicine or a surgical procedure. In Texas, the legal definition of abortion is the use of any means to terminate pregnancy of a female, known by the attending physician to be pregnant with the intention that the termination of the pregnancy by those means will with reasonable likelihood result  in the death of the fetus.

A doctor should evaluate you if you are thinking about having an abortion. Only a doctor can perform an abortion. Discuss your situation with your doctor, ask about any risks you might face. You can expect the following things to happen:

  • If you are a minor, a parent must be notified or your will have to ask a judge to waive that notification
  • You will be asked about your medical history
  • You will get a physical exam
  • Some lab tests will be done
  • You will find out for sure if you are pregnant and how long you have been pregnant. Your doctor will do a pelvic exam and may do an ultrasound.

Options for abortion procedures:

Medical (Nonsurgical) Abortion

This is a way to end the pregnancy with medicines and without a surgical procedure. The protocol approved by the FDA allows this type of abortion up to 49 days after the last menstrual period. Mifepristone (RU486) and methotrexate are two of the medicines used for a medical abortion. After receiving mifepristone and methotrexate, you may bleed and pass blood clots, tissue and the unborn child within hours to days. The bleeding can last up to three weeks or more, you will return for an important follow up visit with your doctor to determine if the pregnancy has completely ended.

Dilation and Curettage (D&C)

This is a surgical procedure generally used in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. The doctor first opens (dilates) the cervix and then empties the uterus with the suction. After suctioning, the doctor may scrape the walls of the uterus to make sure the unborn child, placenta and contents of the uterus have been completely removed.

Dilation and Evacuation (D&E)

This procedure is generally used after 12 weeks of pregnancy. The procedure will generally be done in a doctor’s office or clinic. To prepare for the procedure, the doctor will open (dilate) the cervix. the uterus will be scraped and the unborn child and placenta are removed. After 16 weeks, the unborn child and placenta are removed, piece-by-piece, using forceps or other instruments. This procedure will take less than an hour.

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